Complex geometries, local reinforcements and unique designs

The SAMBA Series production systems enable manufacturing of a variety of different patch laminates with a single equipment configuration. In addition to excellent mechanical properties – achieved by fiber orientation perfectly aligned to load paths – the patch laminate comes with an impressive appearance that your customer will be excited about. Most of our customers use Fiber Patch Placement for the following applications:

Geometrically complex products

Fiber Patch Placement allows you to produce complexity in series applications. The production system SAMBA coordinates up to 12 robot axes and a form flexible patch gripper for placing fibers even on the most complex geometries. Particular strengths for your product:

  • Highly convex or biaxial curved surfaces
  • 90° angles
  • Variable laminate thickness
  • Curvilinear fiber paths

This allows automated series production of components that could only be processed manually up to now. We are happy to assist you in your product development and production planning.

Reinforcements with complex fiber architecture

Would you like to have your product better and lighter? ARTIST STUDIO and SAMBA allow you to create individual, load-path-oriented patch laminates for a dedicated reinforcement of your component. You have a variety of options at your hand:

  • Preforming of curved, load path oriented fiber laminates in 2D and 3D
  • 0% scrap – 100% material efficiency
  • Direct reinforcement on a preform or subsequent fixation on the component
  • Realization of varying laminate thicknesses
  • Efficient reinforcement of connection points such as mounting holes
  • Applicable for dry fiber and prepreg laminates

With patch-based reinforcements, you reduce overall material and weight of your component without compromising mechanical properties. We are happy to assist you in creating the prefect reinforcement design.

Individual design and unique aesthetics

Are you looking for a new look and special aesthetics of your product? Fiber Patch Placement allows individual designs from fiber patches. This opens doors for a variety of design options:

  • Letters, digits, special characters from fiber patches in digital carbon look
  • Logos and art design
  • Mirror- and hologram effects through targeted fiber orientation of the patches

You create individual designs in ARTIST STUDIO and transfer them with a click of a button to the production system SAMBA. Super thin fiber material minimizes the material needed for optics and thus drives down your costs for an attractive surface layer. We are happy to assist you with the composition of individual design elements.

Industry sectors

Particularly for aerospace industry, structural weight is crucial. Every pound, saved by using high-strength fiber composite components, reduces the kerosene consumption – and saves money. With Fiber Patch Placement, the mechanical properties of the carbon fibers can be optimally exploited. The load-path-oriented alignment increases stiffness and strength of the component by up to 150% while using up to 30% less material.

For automotive industry, lightweight construction is one of the key factors to manage the energy turnaround. Fiber-reinforced plastics are already being used, but the existing production processes are far from fully exploiting the potential of the fibers. With Fiber Patch Placement, you can significantly increase the lightweight potential of your structural parts. Also conventional laminates can be reinforced with patches so that a high weight reduction is possible. In addition, short cycle times can be achieved with a high deposition speed of patches.

Wherever overall weight and dynamic movement of mass matter, fiber composites offer intelligent solutions for enhancing the overall productivity of equipment while saving energy and reducing costs at the same time. The high stiffness of composite components enables fast and dynamic movements with high precision and a long life cycle. With Fiber Patch Placement, you can now produce even complex components for your equipment, drives and systems fully automated with a precise fit and documented high quality. Gain a competitive edge and leap in front of your competition with intelligent lightweight solutions!

In medical devices, especially in orthotics and prosthetics, composites are high in demand thanks to its low weight, warm and soft touch, fatigue strength under continuous dynamic stresses, and its X-ray transparency. Fiber Patch Placement allows you to automate the production of your complex component in reproducible quality and high volume.

In many sport and leisure activities, composites have become indispensable. The perfect adjustment of mechanical properties and maximum weight reduction are often essential for success in competitive sports. Fiber Patch Placement enables the production of sports equipment with superior high quality, ensured by individual patch laminates and continuous quality control. Allowing you to produce the sports equipment for winners.

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