ARTIST STUDIO - from CAD to machine data

ARTIST STUDIO is the perfect tool for your digital product development and robot programming. The software creates an optimized patch laminate and generates the corresponding machine data for SAMBA. ARTIST STUDIO combines multiple, perfectly aligned modules for your product development on a single platform.


PATCH ARTIST is the fiber laminate design module. Its user interface is designed to easily define patch zones on imported CAD surfaces, as well as layer size, layer orientations, layer thickness, tape width, patch length, etc.

The layer orientation based on already calculated load paths can be constructed as splines within a CAD-system. The splines can be imported directly in PATCH ARTIST or alternatively load paths can be generated as so called guide curves.


MOTION ARTIST enables you to simulate and program the SAMBA robots offline and in a fully automated way. The preparation time for production is significantly shortened, as modifications in the patch-book are automatically transferred to MOTION ARTIST. The built-in collision detection and visual process simulation also increase the safety on your shop floor.

ARTIST STUDIO plug-in for FE-software. In addition to the stand-alone software ARTIST STUDIO, Cevotec offers a patch-based plug-in for commercial FE-software HyperMesh, one of the leading FEA preprocessors on the market. This plug-in allows users to generate a patch-based laminate inside HyperMesh in a fully automated way, based on geometry, position and orientation of individual patches exactly as defined in Artist Studio. The features of the plug-in enable the modelling of the precise fiber orientation of each patch and even the thickness distribution due to gaps and overlaps. This is possible on a sublayer- or even on patch-level for a more detailed analysis.

TAPE ARTIST features all the functions for efficient laminate design with endless fiber tapes for AFP processes to combine laminate planning for AFP and FPP. Seamlessly integrated into the software platform, TAPE ARTIST transfers the laminate to MOTION ARTIST for process simulation and machine data generation.

Your advantages in virtual product development


  • Stand-alone CAD-CAM software with plug-in for commercial FE-software
  • Fast and continuous process from CAD to machine data on a single platform
  • Easy operation of the software through simple and intuitive interface
  • Import of all common CAD-file formats

Module: PATCH ARTIST – fast laminate generation

  • High performance laminates & reinforcements with direction-variable fiber orientation
  • Excellent mechanical properties through an integrated algorithm for optimizing patch overlaps
  • Optional, simple manual laminate modification by intuitive user interface logic

Module: MOTION ARTIST – robot programming and production preparation

  • Fast creation of machine data through offline robot programming
  • Efficient manufacturing process through optimized movement of robot axes
  • Reduction of preparation time through integrated process simulation
  • Increase of production safety with integrated collision detection

Cevotec plug-in for FE-Software – automated modelling

  • Different analysis types through automated modelling approaches
  • Improvement of the out-of-plane deformation behavior using thick shell elements
  • Better prediction of patch delamination through cohesive zone modelling

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