ARTIST STUDIO – laminate design and robot programming software

Your engineering team requires digital tools that reduce the time for product development and integrate smoothly with production planning. ARTIST STUDIO is the perfect tool for digital product development and robot offline programming with Fiber Patch Placement. The software creates optimized patch laminates and generates the machine programs for the SAMBA systems.

Your advantages

  • Stand-alone CAD-CAM software with plug-in for commercial FEA-software
  • Intuitive application and interface logic
  • Import of all common CAD file formats



PATCH ARTIST – laminate design (CAD) is the patch laminate design module. Its user interface is designed to easily define patch zones on imported CAD surfaces, as well as layer size, layer orientations, layer thickness, tape width and patch length.
The patch zone boundaries and layer orientations can be constructed as splines within a CAD-system and afterwards imported directly in PATCH ARTIST.

Advantages for fast laminate generation

  • Interface: Import of STEP, IGES, STL, CATPart; Laminate export for FE-modeling (STEP)
  • Laminate: Layer definition with specific material properties and constraints
  •  Boundary: Different lay-up strategies at boundaries (reducing scrap, constant layer thickness)
  • Curve planning: Parallel curves based on user defined master curve; Curves along user-defined fiber orientation
  • Optimization: Patch overlap optimization
  • Visualization: Mold, laminate, SAMBA system, surface normals; Curves, curve orientation and curvature (in-plane, out-of-plane); Patches and patch normals; Individual patch overlap quality
  • Documentation: Browser-based documentation with tutorials

MOTION ARTIST – robot offline programming (CAM) enables you to program the SAMBA robots offline in a fully automated way. With that the preparation time for production is significantly shortened and the built-in collision detection as well as the visual process simulation also increase the safety on your shop floor.

Advantages for robot programming and production preparation

  • Robot kinematics: 4 and 6 axis robots, robot on linear axis; Robot-to-robot interaction logic
  • Tool kinematics: Robot-assisted, linear axis, rotational axis
  • Mold mount point: Coordinate-based position and orientation
  • Calibration: Robot to robot positioning, tool positioning
  • Robot movement: Point-to-Point (PTP), linear
  • Optimization: Robot movements with consideration of axis limits, robot range, singularities, collision detection using multicore processing
  • Visualization: Robot movements, collisions, laminate
  • Analyses: Material consumption, production time
  • Interface: Visualization and updates of changes in laminate design; Export of machine program
  • Documentation: Browser-based software documentation with tutorials
ARTIST STUDIO plugin for FE-software

ARTIST STUDIO plug-in for FE-modeling (FEA) automatically generates a detailed FE-model of the patch laminate within the FE preprocessor HyperMesh™, based on the data defined in PATCH ARTIST regarding geometry, position and orientation of the patches. The contour of each individual patch is used to model fiber orientations and overlap areas.

Advantages for automated patch laminate modeling

  • Availability: FEA preprocessor HyperMesh Release-Version 2017 and up
  • Accessibility: Menu-bar with subsequent dialogue-based process
  • Interface: Import of laminate from ARTIST STUDIO platform
  • Properties: Automated modeling of patches, fiber orientation, thickness, patch overlaps; Different modeling methods (shell/solid) and strategies for patch laminates
  • Documentation: Browser-based software documentation with tutorials

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