cevoPads - standardized reinforcement pads

cevoPads offer you a standardized reinforcement for e.g. mounting holes, with radial fiber orientation around the connection point. Your advantage: 20% increased bearing strength at the joint and a very easy application during your production process. cevoPads are our ideal solution for local reinforcements on visible surfaces.

One of the biggest challenges of using composite components is the joining of individual elementsIf specific requirements prevent the structural bonding, then screws, rivets or bolts are often used. The negative consequences of those are increases in bearing stress in the application area, which have to be carefully considered when designing a fiber laminate.

The binder-fixed, dry cevoPads are inherently stable and therefore easy to handle in further processing. Thermal activation fixes the pads securely to the laminate, which can also be implemented with prepreg materials. cevoPads are the tool of choice for saving material without sacrificing the safety of a stable screw or rivet joint.

At Cevotec, you get cost effective cevoPads in different thicknesses. We are also ready to develop and manufacture your individual reinforcement pattern.

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Specifications and geometry

The most important specs at a glance for you:

  • UD-carbon fiber tape (areal weight: 70 – 160 g/m²) in a radial arrangement 
  • Variable thickness: 0.5 – 4 mm
  • Variable ratio of tangential and radial layers
  • Defined scarfing from middle to the edges
  • Constant thickness with a diameter of 20 mm around the center point
  • Special adaptions for force transmission conditions and surrounding structure possible

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