cevoTape - Tailored to your automated fiber placement processes

The right fiber is crucial for the performance of your composite part. Automated fiber placement processes require superior tape quality to minimize downtime and ensure high precision and repeatability. Thus, Cevotec exclusively processes unidirectional dry carbon fiber tape (spread tow), tailored for the requirements of AFP, ATL and FPP processes to create high quality laminates. In a protected and quality-controlled process, we manufacture these spread tow tapes in-house and guarantee highest quality for all processes as well as compatibility to our SAMBA Series lay-up systems.

You can use cevoTape in a variety of different applications. It features binder material on one side of the tape, so that it can be easily fixed during processing. cevoTape has a customized width within minimal tolerances and features a homogeneous filament distribution without gaps or wavy edges.

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Individual configuration

Approach us with your roving material and have us manufacture your individual tape, or choose from our stock.

Fiber material:
Areal weight:
Tape width:
Binder material:


Any high quality fiber
80 – 250 gsm
10 – 50 mm
Spunfab: PA1541, PA1300
further materials on request
250 m on Häfner spools
(flanges: BSH 315, cores: BSH 160)
separated with non-adhesive paper film

Perfectly tuned for all AFP, ATL and FPP processes

  • Tight width tolerance
  • Single-sided uniformly distributed PA-Binder
  • Binder activation from 90 to 160°C
  • Produced with integrated quality monitoring on width & gaps
  • Storing at room temperature
cevoTape bindered
cevoTape bindered

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CTO Felix Michl

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