Our mission and values

We at Cevotec work together based on a joint mission, shared values and corresponding collaboration principles. Our company culture is characterized by pro-active, independent work, flat hierarchies and trustful interactions. We share information on a regular basis to keep everyone up to date: current objectives, projects we are working on, and the pipeline of upcoming projects.

The entire team works hand-in-hand with full passion in order to bring our mission to live:

Enabling manufacturers to produce complex composites in high volume and superior quality!

Shared values and collaboration principles support us in staying on track. They express what’s most important to us when working together – within our company, and especially in our collaboration with customers, suppliers and other business partners. That’s why the entire cevoTeam was involved in their formulation. We asked ourselves: What do we truly value? How do we want to collaborate?

We developed clear answers serving as cultural cornerstones: Curiosity drives our core activities, and we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners. In our collaboration, we value each other and work with one passion to create a better future.

Our values are the strong foundation of our common identity as we continue to grow as a team and as a company. Join us, and be CEVO!

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be curious

With open minds, we look beyond the usual. We innovate to advance  the state-of-the-art and set milestones in composites.

Innovative. Creative. Inspiring.

Corresponding principles of collaboration

We promote and nurture creative ideas.
We challenge our thinking and ask for feedback.
We always keep on learning.

exceed expectations

Deliver the expected and surprise with the unexpected. We create attractive solutions and focus on results.

Result-oriented. Reliable. High-performance.

Corresponding principles of collaboration

We take up challenging tasks.
We set realistic expectations and strive to exceed them.
We continuously improve our performance.

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value each other

We treat colleagues, customers and business partners with mutual respect and trust. It’s the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Responsible. Honest. Trustworthy.

Corresponding principles of collaboration

We listen attentively, speak candidly and treat each other fairly.
We take full responsibility for our work and the impact it has on others.
We balance team and customer priorities and create professional relationships that are trustful, reliable and sustainable.
We lead each other by example.

one passion

Together we work passionately to create a lighter and more sustainable future.

Committed. Proactive. Enthusiastic.

Corresponding principles of collaboration

We take initiative and work as one team, committed to our shared vision and goals.
We focus on our strengths.
We enjoy work and celebrate our successes.

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