Fiber Patch Placement - how it works

Fiber Patch Placement is the additive manufacturing technology for the automated production of geometrically complex fiber composites. It enables a new degree of freedom in automated fiber placement and is compatible with many materials such as different carbon fiber prepreg systems, glass fiber prepregs, adhesive prepregs, and also dry fibers. Defined patches are automatically cut from a tape and precisely placed by two robots and a flexible patch gripper. The size is adjusted to the size and complexity of your component. Because the process is implemented as a series of individually-controlled patch placements, FPP technology enables a superior level of process control for the entire laminate lay-up cycle.

Automation platform for digital manufacturing

Fiber laminates are digitally developed in ARTIST STUDIO software.
This includes the offline programming of the production system.
Patch laminates can also be imported into FEM software for structural analysis.

Your benefits

  • Digitized, automated process chain
  • 100% in-process raw material and positioning control
  • Multi-material lay-up capability
  • 20% – 60% cost and time savings compared to manual lay-up

The process at the example of SAMBA Pro

1 | Feed fiber tape

2 | Cut tape into patches

3 | Inspect quality

4 | Pick up, check position

5 | Place fiber patch

Efficient & fast processes

Compared to conventional composite processes, Fiber Patch Placement cuts the time from CAD to prototype significantly. Taking nesting, cutting and kitting out of the process, also your recurring production cycle is significantly shortened and simplified. On top of that, production scrap is reduced to less than 10%. That’s efficiency that inspires.

Efficient & fast processes

5 easy steps to a complex 3D fiber laminate

  1. Design laminate in ARTIST STUDIO based on your standard CAD file
  2. Create robot production data in ARTIST STUDIO by automated offline programming
  3. Load robot data program on SAMBA system and set production parameter
  4. Fix tool on robot and load desired fiber material
  5. Press “Start” on SAMBA system for fully automated lay-up of your component
Cevotec SAMBA live

Lay-up rates of SAMBA Series

Effective lay-up rates result from process parameters and can be customized to applications.
The productivity of all SAMBA machines follows the same simple math for throughput calculation:

Layup rates of SAMBA systems

How to get started with FPP

Includes manufacturability assessment, unit cost and time analysis, benefits and ROI estimation. This service is complimentary for you.

>> How much does your application benefit from FPP?

Includes virtual studies, application and demonstrator development, equipment customization, and more.

>> How do you best develop & test your FPP application?

Includes SAMBA lay-up systems, ARTIST STUDIO software, customized patch grippers, quality control systems, and more.

>> Which system configuration is best for your application?

Optimized peformance

Patches perfectly align to curvilinear load paths. Therefore, patch technology maximizes the performance of your parts, no matter if the basis is glass fiber or carbon fiber. Stiffness and strength increase up to 150% compared to conventional lay-ups.

Fiber Orientation and Layups

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