From science to industry - a success story

In March 2017, Cevotec presented SAMBA and ARTIST STUDIO at the JEC World in Paris. Fiber Patch Placement has successfully transitioned from science labs to the industrial environment in the last years. Likewise, Cevotec’s founding story is an example for successful incubation support of high-tech start-ups in Germany. And we are just at the beginning of our mission to establish Fiber Patch Placement as the standard processing technology for complex fiber products. 

Cevotec Fiber Patch Placement

Fiber Patch Placement

Fiber Patch Placement has left marks and written history in the years of its technological development. Invented by Airbus Innovation Works in 2008, the technology was advanced in a joint industry project that gained support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In a team with the Institute for Carbon Composites of TU Munich, the companies Airbus, Manz, Cenit, OttoBock, and additional partners, the technology advanced from 2011 to 2014 to a working prototype that builds three dimensional parts from fiber patches.


At this point, the story of Cevotec emerges. Felix Michl worked since 2011 at the Institute for Carbon Composites on the Fiber Patch Placement project and recognized early on the potential of the technology. When the project ended as planned in 2014, he acquired support from the EXIST research transfer scheme. Financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Felix Michl, Thorsten Groene and Dr. Neven Majic started project “Patchwork” to commercialize Fiber Patch Placement. In 2015, the team founded Cevotec and delighted the first customers, partners and supporters early on. The High-Tech Gründerfonds and BayernKapital, together with experienced business angles, invested a seven-digit figure in 2016 to accelerate the market launch of the first industrial Fiber Patch Placement production system with matching CAD/CAM software. We are supported by the European Space Agency ESA and part of the composite cluster at the Ludwig-Bölkow Innovation Campus. Since 2016, we work together with Baumann Automation to implement Fiber Patch Placement with their high-tech robotic systems.

Today, Cevotec is the leading developer and one-stop-shop for patch-based composite production technologies. SAMBA and ARTIST STUDIO are the first industrial production system for complex fiber laminates on the market. We will further expand our portfolio of technologies featuring flexible fiber orientations with in the future – in processing technology as well as in software. It’s our own software development In particular that enables us to implement complex processes while keeping the design process easy and efficient for the user. We follow a clear technology roadmap, which we orient stringently to market needs. Because only when our customers are successful with our technology, we will be successful in the long-term. We want to set milestones in future lightweight strategies milestones in composites.


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