SAMBA Series – The Fiber Patch Placement production systems

Your demands of complexity, quality and quantity are high? We have the production solution for you: Our robot-assisted SAMBA Series production systems enable the fully automated series production of fiber Laminates with challenging 3D geometries and complex fiber architectures.


Tailored to your needs:
SAMBA Series offers equipment options for series production with 100 kg fiber throughput per hour as well as for cost-effective prototyping.


Together, we adapt SAMBA Scale, SAMA Pro or SAMBA Step to your existing production process. It doesn’t matter whether you extend existing assembly lines, upgrade semi-automated processes to full automation or shift from classical hand laminate to robot-assisted manufacturing. Our experienced composites and process engineers assist and advise you with expertise in both conception and implementation.

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Explore SAMBA Series

  • Scaled Patch Placement system for high fiber throughput
  • Individual robot configuration tailored to a range of parts
  • Integration into industrial composite lines possible
  • Fiber throughput ~ 15 kg/h per patch unit
  • Fiber throughput > 100 kg/h through combination of units

Application areas

  • Mass series production of large to medium parts
  • Optimized for continuous, high-throughput production
  • Multi-material patch placement system
  • Multiple feeding units for processing different materials
  • 6-axis robot with large reach for fiber Placement
  • Patch grippers scaled to DIN-A5 and DIN-A4 sizes
  • Optional: linear rail for production of large components
  • Fiber throughput ~ 15 kg/h per patch unit
  • Integrated gripper station for changing gripper sizes in process
  • Multitude of sensors for complete process monitoring

Application Areas

  • Multi-material layup for sandwich structures
  • Hybrid fiber components
  • Optimized for aerospace applications
  • 10 robot axes for highest degree of geometrical complexity
  • Individual configuration on request
  • Integration into industrial composite lines possible
  • Fiber throughput ~ 2-3 kg/h
  • Fast and easy tool change system

Application areas

  • Mass series production of medium to small parts
  • Flexible batch series production
  • Low-investment entry to Patch Placement technology
  • Flexible degree of automation
  • Individual robot configuration, up to 10 axes
  • Fiber throughput ~ 500 g/h
  • Fast and easy tool change system

Application areas

  • Flexible, low-volume series production
  • Prototyping and product development
  • Research and development
  • Processing of carbon / glass / aramid fiber tape, adhesive films, etc.
  • Prepreg and dry fiber capable
  • Direct, integral 3D / 2D fiber lay-up of complex shapes
  • Flexible, curvilinear fiber orientation
  • High accuracy of fiber deposition
  • Seamless quality protocol
  • Perfectly aligned CAD-CAM software ARTIST STUDIO
  • Prediction of mechanical properties with plug-in for commercial FE-software
  • Cooled material storage
  • Patch feeding & cutting unit, e.g. laser, ultrasonic, mechanical
  • Quality control cameras incl. image processing computer
  • Material-specific, energy-efficient heating of patches, e.g. electric, photonic
  • Robot with patch gripper, e.g. 4-axis pick & place, 6-axis robot
  • Tool manipulator, e.g. 6-axis robot, tilting rotator, linear table
  • Dust and gas suction with appropriate filter


  • 24/7 fully automated series production of complex 3D geometries
  • Higher stiffness and strength of parts through load-adjusted fiber orientation
  • Less material, weight and cost through additive manufacturing
  • Seamless quality protocol through industrial camera inspection system

Main application areas across industries

  • Parts with complex geometries and shapes
  • Tailored, curvilinear reinforcement structures
  • Unique surface design

You create your patch laminates in the CAE software ARTIST STUDIO, which is perfectly matched to SAMBA and thus reduces valuable development time for you.

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    Complex geometries

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    Flexible fiber orientation

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    Continuous quality documentation

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    Highest mechanical properties

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    Less material,
    lower weight

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    Unique design possibilities

Technical specifications SAMBA Pro (Standard Edition)

Overview of the most important specs:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.5 m x 3.5 m x 2.0 m
  • All regular fiber types processable (HTS45, UTS50, IMS65, T300, T700, …)
  • Any patch cutting geometry possible
  • Fiber throughput: 2,5 kg/h
  • Continuous quality protocol
  • Tape width: 15 mm – 50 mm
  • Patch length: 40 mm – 200 mm
  • Areal weight: 70 – 160 g/m²
  • Placement frequency: > 1 Hz
  • Positioning accuracy: < ± 0,5 mm

Get detailed specification by clicking on the following modules:

  • Standard Häfner reels
  • Tape length of a single reel: 300 m – 400 m
  • Possible tape width: 15 mm – 50 mm
  • Areal weight: 70 – 160 g/m²
  • Quick-change system
  • Rofin-Sinar PowerLine F50
  • Diode laser
  • Power: 50W
  • Frequency: up to 200 kHz
  • Integrated particle and gas suction
  • 2 x 16 MP camera, Imperex Cheetah C4181
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm/px
  • Dedicated industrial computer for ultrafast image analysis
  • Continuous quality protocol
  • 4-axis robot Stäubli TP80
  • Minimum picking frequency: 1 Hz
  • Repetitive placement accuracy: 0.05 mm
  • Reach: 800 mm
  • 6-axis robot Stäubli TX200
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Repeatability: 0.06 mm
  • Reach: 2200 mm
  • Customized body
  • High mass-flow vacuum stream
  • Customized heating field
  • Gripper size adaptable to patch size
  • Automated gripper change system

We manufacture the SAMBA production system in cooperation with Baumann Automation. With more than 20 years of experience in complex robotic applications, Baumann is the ideal partner for our high-performance, efficient and reliable production machine SAMBA.

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