SAMBA Series – automated 3D fiber lay-up production platforms

The Fiber Patch Placement systems of the SAMBA Series are your flexible, automated production platforms for challenging fiber lay-ups.

Fully automated and programmed with ARTIST STUDIO software and equipped with a fast-mounting tool interface, SAMBA systems act as your economical production platform for a variety of parts.

Customized to your part size and materials


Highly scalable. It is additive manufacturing in “sensible increments”, depending on your component. We implement FPP technology with small patches of 20 mm x 40 mm up to large patches of 200 mm x 300 mm and beyond..


SAMBA Series platforms work with a range of different dry-fiber and thermoset prepreg materials of all major material suppliers, covering areal weights of 80 gsm to 300 gsm and beyond.


Speak to us for an individual implementation of Fiber Patch Placement. Together with our Partner Baumann Automation, we provide turnkey production lines in any dimension you require.

SAMBA Series modules

Fiber Patch Placement is a very scalable and flexible technology. Based on three key modules for feeding and cutting, placement, and mold manipulation, we tailor SAMBA Series systems to your requirements

All modules can be flexibly combined.

Modules for tape feeding and cutting differ according materials processed.Up to 4 parallel tapes with different materials in feeding unit possible. Ultrasonic or laser cutting. Customizations upon request.


  • Tape width: to specification
  • Areal weight: to specification
  • Automated feeder supplying 4 tapes in parallel
  • Ultrasonic or laser cutting
  • Visual quality inspection


  • Tape width: 12.5 – 50 mm
  • Areal weight: < 300 gsm
  • One sensor-controlled tape feeder
  • Ultrasonic or laser cutting
  • Visual quality inspection


  • Manual placement of pre-cut patches on trays
  • Maximum material flexibility
  • Patch size depend only on gripper size
  • Visual position recognition
  • Visual quality inspection

Feeding and cutting units are adapted to a range of suitable materials according to applications.

Placement modules individually designed to fit specific applications. Standard robots: Stäubli, Kuka. Additional brands on request. Linear axis for extended reach optional.

Linear axis large

    • Linear axis for feeding unit in combination with 6-axis robot
    • Size of robot & gripper specific to application
    • Positioning control unit for precise patch deposition
    • Integrated heating for prepreg processing
    • Best choice for large parts with > 2m in width
    • Illustration: SAMBA Multi

Scara fast-picker

  • Fast-picker for shortest placement cycle time
  • Positioning control unit for precise patch deposition
  • Integrated heating for prepreg processing
  • Good choice for medium to smaller sized parts with high to medium complexity
  • Illustration: SAMBA Pro

Linear axis small

  • Linear axis for placement robot only
  • Size of robot & gripper specific to application
  • Positioning control unit for precise patch deposition
  • Integrated heating for prepreg processing
  • Best choice for larger, complex parts with multiple placement robots
  • Illustration: SAMBA Scale

6-axis robot

  • Most flexible robot choice
  • Size adapted to application range
  • Position accuracy control for patch deposition
  • Integrated heating for prepreg processing
  • Illustration: SAMBA Step

Placement units can be flexibility combined with feeding and cutting Units.

Options with standardized quick-mount tooling systems available for flexible production settings. Tool holders and manipulators are specific to each application and can be exchanged on each system.

Tool holder (large)

  • Individual tool holder
  • Adapted to component
  • Degrees of freedom according to specification
  • Typically combined with 6-axis placement robot on linear axis
  • Illustration: SAMBA Multi

6-axis robot

  • Flexible tool holder for medium to smaller parts
  • Can be combined with any placement robot
  • Illustration: SAMBA Pro

Tool rotator

  • Rotating tool holder
  • Adapted to component
  • Degrees of freedom according to specification
  • Typically combined with 6-axis placement robot
  • Illustration: SAMBA Scale

Tool table

  • Fixed tool holder
  • Size adapted to component
  • Typically combined with 6-axis placement robot
  • Illustration: SAMBA Step

Linear table tool

  • Movable table for 2D patch placement
  • Can be combined with 6-axis robot for automation
  • Size adapted to specification

Other options

  • Upon request

Tool manipulators specific to components – quick-mount tooling options for flexible production available.

Continuous process & quality control with a multitude of integrated sensor for key process parameters.

Controlled tape feeding

  • Temperature for material storage
  • Tensions-controlled tape pull-off
  • Automatic tape positioning to centricity

Vision control patch

  • Width
  • Length
  • Cutting edge
  • Waviness

Vision control patch position

  • Position
  • Orientation
  • Self-correction process for precise Deposition

Station for in-process gripper exchange

  • Automated detection for contamination

Controlled deposition process

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Compaction time
  • Detailed time stamps from pick-up to Deposition

Global parameters

  • Temperature & humidity in manufacturing cell
  • Frequency of patch
  • Cycle time
  • Mass throughput

Objective: Replace individual unit tests by continuous process monitoring.

SAMBA Series systems

Key features

  • Fast SCARA robot for fiber placement
  • Precise 6-axis robot for tool manipulation
  • GFM ultrasonic cutting unit, cooled material storage
  • Smaller patch sizes adapted to geometrical complexity
  • Fiber throughput ~ 2-3 kg/h with thin ply tape
  • Fast and easy tool change system
  • Multitude of sensors for comprehensive process monitoring
  • Optional: Integrated gripper station for changing gripper sizes in process

Application focus

  • Flexible batch production of multiple products
  • Medium-sized to smaller parts of high geometrical complexity
  • Reinforcements of larger parts

Application areas

  • Composite tank reinforcements
  • Aerospace: Window frames, reinforcement patche

Key features

  • R&D-focused, low-investment patch placement system
  • Flexible degree of automation
  • Individual robot configuration, up to 12 axes
  • Fiber throughput ~ 500 g/h
  • Fast and easy tool change system
  • Optional: Sensors to monitor production process

Application focus

  • Prototyping and product development in R&D departments, institutes and universities

SAMBA Multi configuration example

Key features

  • Multiple feeding units for processing of up to 4 different tapes
  • Cooled material storage for prepreg material and automated change of tapes
  • 6-axis robot with long reach on linear rail for large tools
  • Direct lay-up of complex 2D and 3D patch laminates
  • Scaled patch grippers up to DIN-A4 size
  • Automated patch gripper changing in process
  • Compaction force sensor for controlled fiber placement
  • Automated raw material control
  • Self-corrective positioning control
  • Comprehensive, seamless monitoring of process parameters

Process specifications

  • Tape width: 50 mm – 300 mm
  • Min./max. patch length: 100 mm – 300 mm
  • Tape weight: 4 x 16 kg
  • Fiber throughput: 15 kg/h
  • Spool change: < 5 min
  • Tape accuracy inspection: < 0,25 mm
  • Placement accuracy: < 0,5 mm
  • Cutting: Ultrasonic knife
  • Patch heating: Infrared heating up to 200°C
  • Material storage cooling: Minimum 8°C

Additional options

  • Photonic heating: LED light, UV light
  • Automated patch gripper exchange: Up to 3 individual gripper sizes
  • Laser cutter: 100 W diode laser to replace ultrasonic cutting
  • Dust and gas suction: Appropriate filters according to material specification
  • Material traceability: Bar code scanner

Cell configuration

  • Placement robot: 6-DOF stand-alone robot
  • Linear axis: Length to specification
  • Additional axis mold manipulator: To specification; 1–3 DOF positioners

Main components

  • Robots: Kuka KR60-3
  • Controller: Siemens, Beckhoff
  • SAMBA cell: Baumann, Cevotec
  • Vision control: Cevotec
  • Patch gripper: Cevotec

Software support

  • Patch and tape laminate design software: PATCH ARTIST & TAPE ARTIST
  • Offline programming software: MOTION ARTIST
  • FEA simulation software: ARTIST STUDIO Plug-in for HyperMesh™


  • Dry fiber tape: Carbon, glass, aramid, metal, ceramic
  • Prepreg tape: Materials on request

Application focus

  • Large, complex 2D / 3D component manufacturing
  • Combined processing of multiple materials within one part
  • Placement of insulation and adhesion layers
  • Fiber placement on (honeycomb) sandwich cores

Industry-specific examples

  • Aerospace: Control surfaces, nacelle structures, radomes, battery boxes, bulkheads
  • Automotive: Fiber-metal reinforcement

Key advantages

  • 24/7 fully automated series production of complex 3D geometries
  • Combination of different materials or tape geometries within one part
  • High productivity, especially on strongly curved surfaces
  • Very low material scrap, weight and cost through additive manufacturing
  • High stiffness and strength of parts through load-adjusted fiber orientation
  • In-process, self-regulatory quality inspection with full documentation

Features and benefits

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    Digitized, automated process chain

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    100% in-process raw material control

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    Multi-material layup capability

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    20% – 60% cost & time savings

End-to-end automation for dry fiber preforming

After fiber lay-up, an additional robot detaches the inherently stable laminates automatically from the tool and moves them to the next processing step.

Cevotec lift gripping

Our partner

We manufacture the SAMBA production system in cooperation with Baumann Automation. With more than 20 years of experience in complex robotic applications, Baumann is the ideal partner for our high-performance, efficient and reliable production machine SAMBA.

Convince yourself and let’s arrange a live demonstration at our facilities!

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