Enabling manufacturers to produce complex composites in high volume & quality.

Application Areas

Flexible lay-up technology
for complex composites

The SAMBA Series production systems enable the processing of a broad variety of fibers in these three key application areas:

Complex geometries     |     Multi-material components    |    Tailored reinforcements


What our customers think

“Fiber Patch Placement has taken a remarkable development in the last years. It checks a lot of boxes of what our corporate research partners are looking for in current development initiatives. We will certainly see interesting use cases of FPP technology in composite aerostructures of next generation aircraft.”

Prof. Klaus Drechsler
Head of Chair of Carbon Composites, Technical University Munich

“Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement system expands our existing portfolio of automated production technologies for composite aerospace parts. With the addition of the SAMBA Pro system, we can now automate manufacturing of composite parts that were geometrically too complex for automation while precisely controlling fiber orientations for optimizing part design. It is the perfect enhancement to our robotic production equipment such as AFP and ATL and it allows us to compare technologies and advise our industrial partners on the optimal lay-up strategy. With the addition of SAMBA Pro system, now we can automate manufacturing of composite part at high rates regardless of its complexity. I’m pleased about the good collaboration with Cevotec: We got a great onboarding after the commissioning in our facilities and receive remote support wherever possible.”

Dr. Waruna Seneviratne
Director, Advanced Tech. Lab for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS)

FPP for Composite tanks

Improving storage efficiency of hydrogen composite tanks with Fiber Patch Placement.

  • 20% increased storage efficiency

  • 15% material & cost savings

  • 20% reduced overall cycle time

  • 10-20 months payback time


FPP for Aerospace

Automation for next-generation aerostructures and complex, multi-material composites.

  • Multi-material lay-up capabilities (carbon, glass, adhesives, etc.)

  • 100% in-process raw material inspection & control

  • Reduction / elimination of intermediate debulking steps

  • 20% – 60% cost saving compared to manual lay-up

Aircraft wing


Our products & services

Our powerful products help you to automate the lay-up of your complex composites with Fiber Patch Placement.

SAMBA Production System

Scalable and flexible production platforms for multiple applications.

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Advanced CAD-CAM software to enable comprehensive digital product and process development.

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cevoGripper Technology

Adaptable patch gripper for highly complex surfaces.

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cevoLab Development Services

High-tech lab for application and process developments, prototyping and small series production.

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