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Enabling automated lay-up for complex composites with Fiber Patch Placement.



Automation for complex parts

Wherever overall weight and dynamic movement of mass matter, fiber composites offer intelligent solutions for enhancing the overall productivity of equipment while saving energy and reducing costs at the same time. The high stiffness of composite components enables fast and dynamic movements with high precision and a long life cycle. With Fiber Patch Placement, you can produce complex components fully automated with a precise fit and documented high quality. Gain a competitive edge and leap in front of your competition with intelligent lightweight solutions!

Application areas

The SAMBA Series production systems enable manufacturing of a variety of different patch laminates with a single equipment configuration. Most of our customers use Fiber Patch Placement for the following applications:

Multi-material composites

Complex geometries

Tailored reinforcements

Multi-material composites

Exemplary applications

  • Aerospace sandwich structures, e.g. fairings, nacelle structures, radomes, control surfaces, UAV structures
  • Metal-metal bonding with adhesives

Key features of FPP technology

  • Lay-up of different materials with one system
  • Adjustable gaps/overlaps of individual patches according to requirements
  • Controlled high compaction pressure during lay-up
  • Comprehensive quality control protocol with all process parameters

Your advantages with FPP

  • Up to 60% time and cost savings compared to manual lay-up
  • Automated lay-up of auxiliary materials
  • Reduction or elimination of intermediate debulking steps

Complex geometries

Exemplary applications

  • Window frames
  • Air ducts
  • Battery boxes and covers
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Helmets

Key features of FPP technology

  • Patch sizes from small (e.g. 20 mm x 60 mm) to large (200 mm x 300 mm)
  • Automated direct 3D lay-up
  • Self-corrective, integrated material and positioning control
  • Controlled high compaction pressure during lay-up

Your advantages with FPP

  • 20% – 60% time and cost savings compared to manual lay-up
  • Significant reduction of material scrap
  • Product variants easily realizable
  • Efficiency at low volume batch production through quick-exchange tool connector

Tailored reinforcements

Exemplary applications

  • Pressure tank dome reinforcement
  • Panel and board reinforcements
  • Reinforcements for holes, joints, etc.

Key features of FPP technology

  • Patch sizes from small (e.g. 20 mm x 60 mm) to large (200 mm x 300 mm)
  • Robust placement process on many substrate materials
  • Sensor based, in-line quality control
  • Controlled high compaction pressure during lay-up

Your advantages with FPP

  • Local tailoring of laminate properties
  • Improvement of mechanical properties
  • Comprehensive, fully automated production solution

Medical devices

In medical devices, especially in orthotics and prosthetics, composites are high in demand thanks to its low weight, warm and soft touch, fatigue strength under continuous dynamic stresses, and its X-ray transparency. Fiber Patch Placement allows you to automate the production of your complex component in reproducible quality and high volume.

About Cevotec

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You have not found your application in the products and industries mentioned so far? Feel free to contact us and together we evaluate if Fiber Patch Placement fits your specific application.

Cevotec operates an FPP Competence Center near Munich for developing automated lay-up processes for composite structures. We offer laminate and prototype developing services, as well as the production of prototypes and demonstrators. This enables manufacturers to trial and validate their application in a risk-free project setting.

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“Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement is one of the most disruptive manufacturing technologies to surface in the composites manufacturing space in a generation. The key difference to other technologies is that it has the potential to replace significant numbers of applications that those technologies are being used in. Added to that is the inherent ability to support digital twin, 100% inspection and full traceability and it becomes clear that FPP checks off all of the boxes for what a modern composites manufacturing system should deliver.”

John Mellili

President & CEO of Composite Automation

How to get started with Fiber Patch Placement?

Includes manufacturability assessment, unit cost & time analysis, benefits & ROI estimation. This service is complimentary for you.

How much does your application benefit from FPP?

Includes virtual studies, application and demonstrator development, equipment customization, and more.

How do you best develop & test your FPP application?

Includes SAMBA lay-up systems, ARTIST STUDIO software, customized patch grippers, quality control systems, and more.

Which system configuration is best for your application?

You got questions?

Contact us to explore the benefits of Fiber Patch Placement for your specific component and production process. We offer a cost-free evaluation and economic analysis for your application with FPP. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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