How to get started with Fiber Patch Placement?

You want to know more about Fiber Patch Placement and how it can improve your production? You already have a application in mind? So let’s get started with FPP!

Getting started step by step

Getting started with FPP is a strategic decision that can take your production and applications to the next level. Our step-by-step process ensures you onboard seamlessly and efficiently. We start with a ROI and suitability assessment, followed by a joint application development. In the last step, we discuss your customized lay-up SAMBA system. Are you ready to get started?

Get started with Fiber Patch Placement

Whether you prefer to crunch the numbers or would like to see our Fiber Patch Placement systems and software first – we’re happy to get started with you!

Intro call

In a first introductory call, you can get to know our company and explore our Fiber Patch Placement technology. This casual and informative conversation offers you the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights into our solutions and products, and assess how our technology aligns with your needs and objectives. We look forward to sharing our expertise and building a meaningful partnership together!

Get to know us!

ROI & suitability assessment

Our ROI & suitability assessment serves as a quantitative evaluation regarding the feasibility and potential benefits of adopting our Fiber Patch Placement technology within your production. It involves analyzing factors such as CapEx and recurring costs, projected revenues, operational efficiencies, and potential cost savings over time. By quantifying these variables, our business case calculation provides decision-makers with a clear understanding of FPP’s financial impact, aiding in informed decision-making and prioritization of technology investments.

Crunch the numbers!

Live demo

Live demos play a crucial role in technology evaluation by providing tangible evidence of a technology’s capabilities, user experience, and potential value. In our live demo, we can provide a physical presentation of our SAMBA systems in our cevoLab or show you some video footage from previous projects. We can also showcase our ARTIST STUDIO software live. Our live demo will help you better understand how Fiber Patch Placement works and give you an idea of how you can use this technology for your production.

See for yourself!

More information?

Contact us to explore the benefits of Fiber Patch Placement for your specific component and production process. We offer a cost-free evaluation and economic analysis for your application with FPP. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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