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Cecotec management

“The secret of success is to understand the perspectives of others.”

Henry Ford


Words from our customers & partners

“Fiber Patch Placement has taken a remarkable development in the last years. It checks a lot of boxes of what our corporate research partners are looking for in current development initiatives. We will certainly see interesting use cases of FPP technology in composite aerostructures of next generation aircraft.”

Prof. Klaus Drechsler
Head of Chair of Carbon Composites, Technical University Munich

“Fiber Patch Placement technology enables the manufacturing automation for complex laminate architectures which was not possible before with any other technology. Although the patch based approach breaks with the composite design paradigm of using only continuous fiber reinforcements, the material equivalence of FPP laminates has been shown in the context of aerospace design allowables. In my view, this opens up the application scope for aerospace structural components.”

Dr. Shunichi Bando
President & CEO of B.I.TEC, co. ltd, Japan

“Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement system expands our existing portfolio of automated production technologies for composite aerospace parts. With the addition of the SAMBA Pro system, we can now automate manufacturing of composite parts that were geometrically too complex for automation while precisely controlling fiber orientations for optimizing part design. It is the perfect enhancement to our robotic production equipment such as AFP and ATL and it allows us to compare technologies and advise our industrial partners on the optimal lay-up strategy. With the addition of SAMBA Pro system, now we can automate manufacturing of composite part at high rates regardless of its complexity. I’m pleased about the good collaboration with Cevotec: We got a great onboarding after the commissioning in our facilities and receive remote support wherever possible.”

Dr. Waruna Seneviratne
Director, Advanced Tech. Lab for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS)

International distribution partners


Words from our distribution partners

“Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement is one of the most disruptive manufacturing technologies to surface in the composites manufacturing space in a generation. It will have the same impact that laser projection, cutting tables and AFP/ATL machines have had. The key difference is that it has the potential to replace significant numbers of applications that those technologies are being used in. Added to that is the inherent ability to support digital twin, 100% inspection and full traceability and it becomes clear that Cevotec’s FPP checks off all of the boxes for what a modern composites manufacturing system should deliver.”

John Mellili
President & CEO of Composite Automation

“Fiber Patch Placement technology has the potential to revolutionize the composites industry and immediately caught our attention. We are glad to have partnered up with a dynamic technology leader as Cevotec. Their unique Fiber Patch Placement systems are bringing new automation options to Japanese industrials. In particular Cevotec’s approach to optimize the design of hydrogen pressure vessels is getting a lot of attention from our customers.”

Mr. Yuichiro Sasaki
Managing Director

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