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High-tech lab for application and process developments, prototyping and small series production.

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Application development services

You can develop your application with Fiber Patch Placement together with our technical experts. Test and explore patch technology for your products risk-free. Our comprehensive services range from initial planning and construction to finished prototypes produced in our cevoLab.

Range of services

  • Virtual studies, e.g. laminate design, FE simulation, cost analysis

  • Development of customer parts with FPP: virtual design, proof of concept, full-scale prototypes, etc.

  • Material testing for FPP-processibility

  • Process and equipment customizations

  • Access to external autoclave services as needed

H2 reinforcement production with FPP

Available equipment & prototyping envelope

No matter if you require only a few prototypes for testing in your development process or you are looking to flexibly source small batches of series products – we produce your laminates for you. Leveraging the latest Fiber Patch Placement equipment in our cevoLab, we offer FPP-as-a-service to support your R&D and production strategy. 


SAMBA Pro system


SAMBA Step L system


Software stack

SAMBA Pro system

  • Ultra-fast Stäubli TP80 Scara placement robot and TX200 6-axis tool manipulator
  • Features grippers with internal heating and external heating station for material conditioning
  • Part size envelope (LxWxH): ~1 x 1 x 1 m3, max. tool weight for TX200: ~200 kg
  • Laminate design and machine programming by Cevotec Team
  • Automated material feeding & cutting unit for tape material: Width 12,5 – 50 mm
  • Various fiber materials possible: dry fiber, prepreg, adhesive film & more

SAMBA Step L system

  • Large KUKA KR 60-3 placement robot mounted on linear rail
  • Features “Rolling Motion” and a force/torque sensor for production data collection and heating station for material conditioning
  • Flexible space for customer tool, part size envelope (LxWxH): ~2 x 3 x 2 m3
  • Laminate design and machine programming by Cevotec Team
  • Material feeding table for patches up to ~200 x 300 m²
  • Various patch materials possible: dry fiber, prepreg, adhesive film & more

Software stack

  • CAD: Autodesk Inventor, ARTIST STUDIO
  • FEM: Altair Hyperworks

How to get started with Fiber Patch Placement?

Includes manufacturability assessment, unit cost & time analysis, benefits & ROI estimation. This service is complimentary for you.

How much does your application benefit from FPP?

Includes virtual studies, application and demonstrator development, equipment customization, and more.

How do you best develop & test your FPP application?

Includes SAMBA lay-up systems, ARTIST STUDIO software, customized patch grippers, quality control systems, and more.

Which system configuration is best for your application?

You got questions?

Contact us to explore the benefits of Fiber Patch Placement for your specific component and production process. We offer a cost-free evaluation and economic analysis for your application with FPP. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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