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The Fiber Patch Placement systems of the SAMBA Series are your flexible, automated production platforms for challenging fiber lay-ups.

cevotec hydrogen tank reinforcement with fpp

Application Area’s

Complex geometries, multi-material components, tailored reinforcements

The SAMBA Series production systems enable manufacturing of a variety of different patch laminates with a single equipment configuration. In addition to excellent mechanical properties – achieved by fiber orientation perfectly aligned to load paths – the patch laminate comes with an impressive appearance that your customer will be excited about.


Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

  • Digitized, automated process chain

  • Multi-material lay-up capabilities (carbon, glass, adhesives, etc.)

  • 20% – 60% cost saving compared to manual lay-up

Composite tanks

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

  • 15% lower weight & cost

  • 20% shorter production time

  • <12 months payback time


Fiber Patch Placement has taken a remarkable development in the last years. It checks a lot of boxes of what our research partners are looking for.

Prof. Klaus Drechsler

Chair of Institute for Carbon Composites, Technical University München

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SAMBA Pro PV in live demo, NCC investigates the recycling potential of FPP, and welcome Susanne, Anil and Goncalo!

SAMBA Pro PV in live demo, NCC investigates the recycling potential of FPP, and welcome Susanne, Anil and Goncalo!

Dear friends of Fiber Patch Placement, While football fans from across Europe currently cheer for their teams…

Welcome, Gonçalo Biltes!

Welcome, Gonçalo Biltes!

Gonçalo Biltes started his career at Cevotec as a working student in our application development team while…



Dear Friends of Fiber Patch Placement, We are constantly improving our software to offer you the best user…

SAMBA Series

Flexible 3D fiber lay-up systems​

The Fiber Patch Placement systems of the SAMBA Series are flexible, automated production platforms for challenging fiber lay-ups.​

Fully automated and programmed with ARTIST STUDIO software, SAMBA systems act as your economical production platform for a broad range of complex composite part

Customized to your part size and materials​

Highly scalable. It is additive manufacturing in “sensible increments”, depending on your component. We implement FPP technology with small patches of 20 mm x 40 mm up to large patches of 200 mm x 300 mm.​

SAMBA Series platforms work with a range of different dry-fiber and prepreg materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, adhesive prepregs, coppermesh prepregs and other technical fibers of all major suppliers, covering areal weights of 80 gsm to 300 gsm.​

Speak to us for an individual implementation of Fiber Patch Placement. We will customize the SAMBA system for your applications and adjust it to your shopfloor requirements.

samba fiber patch placement system family

SAMBA Series modules​

Fiber Patch Placement is a modular and flexible technology. Based on three key modules for feeding and cutting, placement, and mold manipulation, we customize SAMBA Series systems to your requirements. In addition, we integrate advanced machine control and quality control system sin our SAMBA Series.​

SAMBA Pro modules ​

SAMBA Pro systems feature an automated material feeding and cutting unit combined with at least one placement robot and a tool manipulator. They are designed for a fully automated, quality-controlled series production of complex fiber laminates. The modules can be combined flexibly to create a production set-up optimized to your requirements. 

Feeding & cutting units ​

Modules for material feeding and cutting are compatible with a wide range of materials in tape form. They feature a single or double material feeder in a temperature-controlled housing. Tape width is customizable. Patches are cut from the fiber tape by ultrasonic knifes from GFM. A high-precision camera with dedicated image processing computer checks every patch for quality before further processing. 

Placement units ​

Placement modules can be customized to meet individual requirements depending on the applicationalong with tailored Cevotec patch grippers mounted to the placement robot. Our standard choice are Kuka robots, but we can consider different brands on request. An optional linear axis can extend the reach of the robots and thereby the range of suitable applications. A high-precision camera monitors the correct positioning of the patches on the gripper and, if necessary, adds offset parameter in real-time to ensure a precise lay-up on the determined position. The placement units also feature heating units for prepreg processing. 

Tool holders and manipulators ​

Tool holders and manipulators are specific to each application.. Quick-mount tooling systems are available for flexible production set-ups in combination with e.g. 6-axis tool holder, which enables an efficient and economic batch production of smaller component batch sizes. Combining a 6-axis tool holder with a 6-axis placement  robot  gives 12 degrees of freedom to automate the layup of even very complex geometries.

Machine and quality control​

SAMBA systems are controlled by Siemens SIMATIC PLC  that can be accessed via an HMI Panel with Cevotec user interface (UI) optimized for Fiber Patch Placement. The quality control cameras of the feeding and cutting as well as the placement units are connected to a dedicated image processing computer. Each SAMBA system features a broad range of additional sensors to monitor and control e.g. temperatures, deposition pressures, etc. An industrial IoT gateway enables fast, efficient and secure remote support.

How to get started with FPP​

Includes manufacturability assessment, unit cost and time analysis, benefits and ROI estimation. This service is complimentary for you.​

How much does your application benefit from FPP?

Includes virtual studies, application and demonstrator development, equipment customization, and more.​

How do you best develop & test your FPP application?

Includes SAMBA lay-up systems, ARTIST STUDIO software, customized patch grippers, quality control systems, and more.​

Which system configuration is best for your application?

You got questions?​

Save 20-60% production cost and time – contact us to discuss your ideal SAMBA configuration.​ We offer a cost-free evaluation and economic analysis for your application with FPP.



These are our next-generation benefits for aerostructures

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100% Digitized, automated process chain

A+ Multi-material lay-up capabilities (carbon, glass, adhesives, etc.)

20% – 60% Cost saving compared to manual lay-up

100% Raw material control

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