Published on April 11, 2024

First video footage of SAMBA Pro PV, ARTIST STUDIO 2024, and welcome Oscar & Jan!

First video footage of SAMBA Pro PV, ARTIST STUDIO 2024, and welcome Oscar & Jan!

Dear friends of Fiber Patch Placement,

“Progress” is probably the word I’d use to describe the first quarter of 2024. Our teams were able to complete the assembly of our SAMBA PV lab system so that it placed the first patches just in time for JEC World – we’re proud to present the first video footage in this newsletter!

We also released the 2024 version of ARTIST STUDIO – take a look at the new features that facilitate complex lay-up planning with improved usability.

Last but not least, a personal THANK YOU for the high interest in FPP technology at the JEC World Show in Paris. We were honored by the number of visitors at our booth and the high quality of technical discussions that emerged throughout the three show days. It was fun!

Enjoy your read!


Thorsten Groene


SAMBA Pro PV achieves a milestone!

Witness the first video footage of our SAMBA Pro PV system dedicated to dome reinforcements for sustainable hydrogen tank productions, as we also showcased at #JECWorld. In the past months, our team completed the physical assembly followed by the programming phase and made further advancements. The SAMBA Pro PV system in our lab will be available for commercial projects from May onwards. If you want to learn more about this system and what FPP technology can do for your composite production, contact us to request for live demonstration in our cevoLab.

Press Release

Pioneering a novel approach for H2 tank production: Cevotec, Roth, and CIKONI achieve 15% mass reduction of composite vessel

Following the announcement of the successful project results in our last newsletter, we’ve launched a joint press release with our project partners Roth Composite Machinery and CIKONI, which received a resounding echo in the H2 ecosystem.

Cevotec has developed an industrial approach using Fiber Patch Placement technology for sustainable composite tanks that reduce net fiber usage by approx. 15%, by locally reinforcing the tank’s dome areas, which translates into considerable weight and cost savings while maintaining equivalent mechanical properties. Due to the material reduction, the reinforced tanks can also feature more storage volume in the same build space and have an improved CO2 footprint.


Stay up to date on ARTIST STUDIO releases

The first ARTIST STUDIO release of the year, version 24.0.4, is out. We are constantly improving our CAD-CAM software to offer the best user experience and regularly inform our customers about the latest updates and new features. That’s why we have set up a dedicated newsletter to summarize the major changes in new ARTIST STUDIO releases.

Sounds interesting? You can subscribe here:

New ARTIST STUDIO releases can now be downloaded directly from our website:


Welcome, Oscar and Jan!

Completing the first quarter of 2024, Cevotec is further growing, and we are happy to welcome two new colleagues to the cevoTeam: Oscar Rene Taracena Zepeda and Jan Nypl! Oscar joined us in January as Project Manager and coordinates with the stakeholders the planning, executing & monitoring of our engineering and equipment projects, thereby safeguarding successful results. Jan, in his position as Lead Engineer of Automation & Control, is responsible for programming and commissioning our SAMBA production systems, and further development to make our SAMBA robots dance.


Join the cevoTeam!

You’re also up for a new challenge, or have a friend who’s on the move? We always look for motivated people to join our cevoTeam! In particular, we currently search for a Team Lead Composites who leads the application development activities with FPP technology and working closely with our customers in aerospace and renewable energy.

Sounds interesting? Click here to learn more about our current job openings:


See you around

What a show! JEC World in Paris beginning of March was again very strong, both in terms of overall visitors and business, but in particular also for specific interest in our FPP solutions. In addition to the horizontal tail plane fairing demonstrator, produced together with GKN and further project partners, we aired the first video footage of our SAMBA PV lab system, which we present also in this newsletter.

Looking ahead, we’ll be present at the Composite Sandwich Conference, Halle (Saale) in April with solutions for multi material (sandwich) lay-up. And with CAMX in San Diego scheduled for September of this year, our team is already excited to bring the latest FPP updates to the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Check out our events calendar:

Thank you for spending some time with us

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest cevoNews. Let’s embark on a successful spring and look forward to the next FPP newsletter as the radiant summer awaits around the corner!

Kaavya Ramachandran

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First video footage of SAMBA Pro PV, ARTIST STUDIO 2024, and welcome Oscar & Jan!

First video footage of SAMBA Pro PV, ARTIST STUDIO 2024, and welcome Oscar & Jan!

Dear friends of Fiber Patch Placement, “Progress” is probably the word I’d use to describe the first…

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