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dedicated FPP system for R&D

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Fiber Patch Placement for R&D

Requirements of R&D organizations and universities differ a lot from those of manufacturing organizations. R&D needs high flexibility in product development. Our SAMBA systems feature individual robot configurations and are very flexible regarding the materials processed. They can additionally be equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor the production process.

Fiber Patch Placement represents an innovative composite production technology with increased degrees of freedom. Our production systems can complement existing R&D technology portfolios to investigate industrial applications and further advance patch-based composites manufacturing.

Our Hardware & Software

SAMBA Step fits perfectly requirements of R&D institutes due to its flexible, manual material feeding unit, that also comes at a price point favorable to according facilities.






  • One 6-axis placement robot (size customizable)
  • Maximum material flexibility by tray system to feed precut patches
  • In-process raw material inspection and documentation
  • Self-corrective positioning control, fully automated lay-up process
  • Overall degree of automation customized to requirements
  • Advanced sensor package to analyze placement operations available

Optimized system for application development, prototyping, material testing, R&D activities for the development process


ARTIST STUDIO is the dedicated software suite for Fiber Patch Placement technology. It enables a full digital thread and supports engineers in the creation of patch laminates through technology-specific lay-up features. The integrated CAM module programs the SAMBA system robots fully automated, based on the designed laminate and a digital twin of the production system.

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Contact us to explore the benefits of Fiber Patch Placement for your specific component and production process. We offer a cost-free evaluation and economic analysis for your application with FPP. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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