Published on April 4, 2023

Newsletter April 2023

Newsletter April 2023

New website, new ARTIST STUDIO algorithm, new colleagues

Dear friends of Fiber Patch Placement,

All new in spring – at least that’s the theme for this newsletter! We invite you to learn about a couple of “firsts” in our articles below. In particular, I’m happy to announce that our technical teams have realized the first fully automated, robot-based pick-up and placement of honeycomb cores in our R&D project ACoSaLUS. While this solution is still in development, we have already received high interest after the initial presentation last year. If this is also relevant to your production, we’d love to hear your feedback!

And in just a couple of weeks, JEC World in Paris will open its doors again. Our team will present the latest FPP innovations – in particular our new SAMBA system for composite tank reinforcements. I’m looking forward to meeting you there!


Thorsten Groene


How to automate the production of sandwich parts

In the past months, we have made further progress in our R&D project ACoSaLUS (automated composite sandwich lay-up system) and now would like to present exciting updates. We focused on the improvement of the laminate design and patch placement process and in particular achieved a fully automated handling of honeycomb cores with our robot – which we immediately taped on video. Additionally, the optical post-placement control of patches using AI has been further advanced.


New ARTIST STUDIO algorithm for the creation of near-parallel curves on a CAD surface

The aim of our CAD-CAM software ARTIST STUDIO is to support engineers in the best possible way when designing FPP laminates. According to defined laminate parameters and lay-up strategies, patches will be generated automatically by our software and distributed along guide curves. Up to now, ARTIST STUDIO used a third-party solution for the curve generation process which limited the ability of our software developers to tailor the algorithm to our customer’s specific needs. That’s why Cevotec collaborated with the Technical University of Munich to supervise a master’s thesis to develop an advanced algorithm for the generation of equidistant curves from a master curve on arbitrary surfaces.


Stay up to date on ARTIST STUDIO releases

We are constantly improving our CAD-CAM software to offer the best user experience and would like to inform our active customers about the latest updates and new features on a regular basis. That’s why we have set up a dedicated newsletter to shortly summarize the major changes of new ARTIST STUDIO releases.

Sounds interesting? You can subscribe to our ARTIST STUDIO newsletter here:

New ARTIST STUDIO releases can now be downloaded directly from our website:


New sales partnership in China and France

Starting the collaboration with two new international sales partners in China, we take next steps to establish our FPP technology in the Chinese market. Hesse, André & Co. GmbH & Co. KG focuses on aerospace customers and is based in the Beijing area. ChunHua Automotive Technology Co., Ltd, based in Shanghai, promotes FPP technology to their customer base in the smart & e-transport industry.

Furthermore, we expand our presence in the French market and partner with Multistation SAS. With their long-term expertise in digital manufacturing solution and the aerospace industry, Multistation is the ideal partner for Cevotec to locally support French manufacturers with FPP technology solutions.

H2 reinforcement production mirror


Welcome, Adem and Sebastian!

We are happy to welcome two new colleagues to the cevoTeam: Adem Vardar and Sebastian Arpke! Both joined the Production Technology team. In his position as Automation and Control Engineer, Adem is further developing and programming our SAMBA systems and currently focusing on the improvement of our patch vision inspection. Sebastian is responsible for the design and development of our FPP production systems in his role as Production Technology Engineer.

And one more sneak preview: In April, our commercial team will grow and Marcel Klautzsch will start as our new Sales Lead! We are already looking forward to your start, Marcel!


Say HELLO to our new website!

We always aim to provide our customer with state-of-the-art technical solutions tailored to their needs. Of course, this also applies to our website. That’s why we have done a design relaunch to provide our online visitors the best user experience. The new Cevotec website shines in a fresh new look and makes it easier and faster than ever to learn more about FPP – take a look!


See you around

The new year started quite busy for us preparing for JEC World in April. At our joint booth with our partner GFM, we will present a digital preview our SAMBA Pro PV production system dedicated to dome reinforcements of hydrogen tanks. Looking forward to meeting you at our booth N71, hall 5! Furthermore, we will present our latest developments for complex aerospace parts at the networking event “bavAIRia business breakfast” on May 10, 2023. For more information, check out our calendar:

Thank you for spending some time with us

We hope, you enjoyed reading our latest cevoNews. Stay tuned for our next newsletter in June, happy surfing on our new website and hope to meet you at JEC World in Paris!

Henriette Morgenstern

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