Published on December 6, 2017

Newsletter December

Newsletter December

Newsletter December: Christmas greetings with a whitepaper and a brief review of 2017

Dear friends of Fiber Patch Placements,

This year was truly special for Cevotec: We launched our preforming production system SAMBA and the matching CAD-CAM software ARTIST STUDIO at JEC World in Paris. We presented the world’s first patched aircraft window funnel at the Paris Air Show. At Composites Europe in Stuttgart and Advanced Engineering in Birmingham, we introduced the scalable Patch Placement production systems SAMBA. And right now we have our high-quality cevoTape ready for sale!

In addition to the development work, a few more trade shows and conferences, and about twenty technical articles in the trade press, we managed to rework our websites. Have a look at ourglossary, explaining the most important technical terms of Patch Placement technology, and don’t miss to download the first Cevotec Whitepaper, which explains the in’s and out’s of FE modelling for complex fiber laminates!

With this newsletter, we’d like to invite you to spend a little time with us reviewing 2017 …

Your Team Cevotec

+49 89 2314 165 0

Launch of SAMBA preforming system at JEC World

It really was a challenge to mount our SAMBA production cell with the two “robbies” on the exhibition floor. But it was worth it: The interest in automated preforming for complex components was very high, as we could experience in numerous discussions with OEMs, manufacturers and suppliers.

We had invited Amanda, Vanessa and Angela to spice up our SAMBA‘s live demonstrations with their show performances. They were fabulous and made everyone around dance SAMBA with them and us.

We also made the presentation a little more exciting with a bit of stage fog. Check our press clippings for the media feedback on the premiere.

Cevotec SAMBA Pro at JEC Paris

Cevotec presents the world’s first patched aircraft windows funnel at Paris Air Show

At Pairs Air Show we exhibited in the Concorde’s hall and ESA pavilion. Just in time for the show we managed to patch an aircraft windows funnel. The biaxially curved and annularly closed preform is perfect for demonstrating the unique possibilities that Fiber Patch Placement offers for the production of complex 3D preforms. The funnel and the gearbox as a second demonstrator gained much attention.

At Paris Air Show, SAMBA was present “only” in an VR-environment. EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, and European Space Incubators Network Manager, Bruno Naulais, were among the visitors experiencing our Industry 4.0 SAMBA system in virtual reality. And it was a pleasure to have French president Emmanuel Macron among the by-passers, as he visited the innovation area.

SAMBA Series introduced at Composites Europe, Stuttgart & Advanced Engineering, Birmingham

At Composites Europe, Stuttgart, and Advanced Engineering, Birmingham, we introduced SAMBA to the market. Now equipment options are available for series production with 100 kg fiber throughput per hour as well as cost-effective prototyping. Interested visitors were really enthusiastic about the extended applications spectrum that our technology now offers.


Fully tailored to the requirements of high-volume production and able to handle significantly scaled patches of carbon and glass fiber, SAMBA Scale cells process up to 15 kg of material per hour, integrally building hybrid fiber components. Combined to a production line, they reach a constant throughput of up to 100 kg per hour, producing highly complex 3D-preforms.


SAMBA Pro, the flexible “allrounder” of the production cells, produces complex-shaped 3D-preforms with a layup speed of 1 patch per second (2-3 kg fibers per hour), and is particularly suited for a flexible, high-volume batch production of components, given its short set-up times and quick tool changing system.


SAMBA Step, the third pre-configured system variant, is perfectly aligned with the requirements of small scale production, prototyping and R&D, also regarding its price tag. A flexible degree of automation allows the adaptation to the needs of developers.
Find more information in this overview or see our new video detailing the steps from CAD to a patch-based preform. Currently all systems process bindered dry carbon and glass fiber, but the processing of thermoset prepreg fibers is already in the final test phase and will be available to our customers in spring 2018 (so: don’t miss us at JEC World!).

Contact us and share your requirements if this is relevant also for your production.

The first Cevotec Whitepaper is ready to download

IWith our first whitepaper we would like to familiarize you with the possibilities that FE-based modelling enables in developing fiber composites. The complete process chain for complex fiber laminates is made easily understandable – perfect to read for everyone who always wanted to dive deeper into that topic but shrinked back from sophisticated scientific publications – but also experts can certainly extend their knowledge. FE-based modelling for patch laminates – how does that work?

 Click here to read for yourself

We proudly present: cevoTape Our high-quality carbon tape is on sale now

The right fiber is crucial for the quality of your composite part. Thus, Cevotec exclusively processes unidirectional carbon fiber tape (spread tow) in the SAMBA systems. The spread tow is also perfectly matching the requirements of automated fiber placement processes (AFP and ATL) to create high quality laminates. Approach us with your roving material and have us manufacture your individual tape, or choose from our stock. We offer pre-configured tapes of 20-30 mm width and 80-107 gsm for your production. Interested to learn more? Contact us at

Discover what’s new on our reworked website

Similar to other composite technologies, also Fiber Patch Placement knows lots of specific procedures and technical terms. In our brand-new glossary our experts gathered and explained the most important technical terms of Fiber Patch Placement. After having browsed the glossary, have a look at the other pages, too. There are updates and additions almost everywhere.

What about shaking hands at the upcoming events?

We are looking forward to meeting you at the following events and conferences.

December 12 – 14, 2017
Orlando, Florida

7. Fachkongress Composite Simulation
February 21/22, 2018
Augsburg, Germany

23. Nationales SAMPE Symposium
February 28 – March 1, 2018
Kiel, Germany

March 06 – 08, 2018
Paris, France

March 13./14, 2018
Würzburg, Germany

Thank you for having pent a little time with us

It was a pleasure to look back on 2017 together with you. You think that information about Fiber Patch Placement is also relevant for your colleagues and business partners? Please do not hesitate to forward the newsletter!.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a successful, happy new year!

Your Cevotec-Team

More information about products & services, press clippings or job offers can be found on our homepage.

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