Published on December 5, 2016

Starburst and Cevotec collaborate

Starburst and Cevotec collaborate

Starburst and Cevotec collaborate

The global aerospace accelerator Starburst with offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Munich and Singapore identifies jointly with leading Aerospace corporates promising startups. Munich-based Fiber Patch Placement technology company Cevotec has been selected as an innovation leader and will be supported by Starburst going forward.

“Our business model, and above all our production system based on the Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology, convinced the Starburst team,” reports Thorsten Gröne, CEO of 2015 founded Cevotec. Cevotec offers the preforming system SAMBA, a fully automatic and quality-monitored solution for the serial production of complex fiber components. To complete the package for composite manufacturers, Cevotec provides ARTIST STUDIO, an integrated CAD-CAM software platform that significantly simplifies and shortens product development cycles.

„Together with the most prominent aerospace accelerator for start-ups, we now look forward to establish the advanced fiber preforming technology in the aviation sector”, adds Gröne. The partners are eagerly awaiting the JEC World 2017 in Paris at end of March. At the world’s largest trade fair for composites, the preforming system SAMBA and the CAD-CAM software ARTIST STUDIO will have their official product launch.

About Cevotec
Cevotec develops and sells intelligent systems for the additive and automated production of complex carbon composites. SAMBA is Cevotec’s high-tech production system for dry fiber preforming, especially for complex 3D shapes and load-path-oriented reinforcements. With ARTIST STUDIO, the company provides the matching CAD-CAM software platform, and offers additional development services for prototypes and series products. Cevotec is a spin-off from Technische Universität München and partners with the European Space Agency ESA, Airbus Group and Baumann Automation.

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About Starburst

Starburst is an innovation catalyst in the Aerospace industry. As the first and only global Aerospace Accelerator, it connects corporates with startups and provides innovation and growth consulting for corporations and startups alike. Every year Starburst hosts numerous international and national events bringing together Aerospace innovators and puts innovation in the spotlight at international air shows. With growth and innovation consulting Starburst supports its clients to acquire and maintain leadership in new markets and identify and fend off disruptive threats. With its newly launched venture fund, Starburst also invests in Aerospace innovators.


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