Cevotec presents Composites 4.0 technology at Munich Aerospace Summit and MAI Carbon Night 2018

Cevotec’s innovative approach of producing geometrically complex fiber laminates with additive patch technology impressed leading representatives of the aerospace industry as well as board members of the composite industry.

The Munich Aerospace Summit and the first MAI Carbon Night 2018 were successful home games for Fiber Patch Placement specialist Cevotec: both top-class events took place on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Taufkirchen.

Munich Aerospace Summit, held for the first time on April 11, 2018, was especially created as a platform to discuss the fundamental changes to which the different sectors of the aerospace industry are currently subject. The event was attended by numerous top managers such as Dirk Hoke, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, Nico Buchholz, Senior Vice President of Bombardier, and Torsten Pilz, Vice President Operations / Supply Chain of SpaceX, who made all the way from San Francisco to report on the current developments.

As a speaker, Thorsten Groene, Managing Director of Cevotec, dedicated this presentation to the opportunities and challenges for startups in aerospace industry. “Our innovative manufacturing solution has aroused great interest in the aerospace industry – at the same time, development and sales cycles are very long. These are challenges for young companies,” reports Groene. “We were able to draw valuable insights from the feedback we received from the managers to further develop our business.”

Right after the Aerospace Summit, which was rounded off by intensive conversations at a joint dinner, Cevotec was not only guest, but together with xC Consultants the host of another top-class industry meeting: On April 12, 2018, the MAI Night, which is regularly organized by the MAI Carbon innovation cluster of the Carbon Composites e.V. , took place in Cevotec’s facilities on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus.

With a hands-on workshop in the afternoon, Cevotec offered the opportunity to apply first-hand the entire Fiber Patch Placement process from virtual laminate design to final lay-up: The participants were invited to work themselves with CAE platform ARTIST STUDIO. “During the workshop we created a virtual laminate with PATCH ARTIST and converted the data into program data for the production robots with MOTION ARTIST. Finally, the laminate was produced in our SAMBA Pro system,” explains Dr.-Ing. Neven Majic, EVP Software Technology at Cevotec, who headed the workshop himself.

Fueled by very good feedback, the workshop was seamlessly followed by the well attended evening event. After a warm welcome given by the hosts and MAI Carbon, represented by Prof. Klaus Drechsler. xC Consultants presented their extended service portfolio, followed by Cevotec’s live demonstration of ARTIST STUDIO and SAMBA. The “dancing” robots fascinated the guests, among them several board members of the German composite industry. The very successful event ended in relaxed discussions accompanied by snacks and drinks.

The next opportunity to learn more about the flexible lay-up systems based on additive Fiber Patch Placement technology will be the ILA. On April 26 and 27, Cevotec exhibits at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport Schönefeld, in hall 2, booth 204.


About Cevotec

Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex fiber composites in high volume and quality – by smart process automation based on Fiber Patch Placement technology. With SAMBA Series, Cevotec offers tailored, automated fiber lay-up systems for challenging 3D geometries and laminates with complex fiber orientation. ARTIST STUDIO is the matching CAD-CAM software for generating patch-based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Along with development services that include FE-based modeling and simulation, Cevotec offers the entire process chain from digital design to final composites product.
More information: https://www.cevotec.com/


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