The perfect symphony of two Artists

Aiming to optimally support composite engineers in efficient laminate creation with Fiber Patch Placement, Cevotec provides ARTIST STUDIO. The FPP specific software offers a full digital development thread, allowing for easy adaptations and overall faster product development.

ARTIST STUDIO consists of the CAD module PATCH ARTIST and its CAM counterpart MOTION ARTIST. In PATCH ARTIST the whole laminate design process takes place: Material properties and fiber orientations are defined, composite layers are created based imported CAD data, and individual laminate adjustments are performed.

MOTION ARTIST is then used to generate the corresponding machine data fully automated, based on two key inputs: the laminate created in PATCH ARTIST and the digital twin of the SAMBA production system. MOTION ARTIST calculates the best robot movements for placing the patches, and further optimizes the movements to avoid potential collisions and to improve cycle time.

The key benefits of using an integrated software suite dedicated to a specific process technology: easy data exchange and full leverage of FPP-specific laminate and placement features. Design changes can be easily made in PATCH ARTIST and only the affected Patches will update the robotic data in MOTION ARTIST. An example is the modification of patch normals: In some areas of extreme surface curvatures, a slippage of the placement gripper can occur, resulting in misaligned patches. This can usually easily be fixed by making changes to the patch normal in PATCH ARTIST, directing the angle in which the robots approach the placement position. After this modification, it is just one click to update the movements in MOTION ARTIST and to generate a new machine data program. This flexible and easy interaction of the modules shortens development time and improves laminate quality.

Contact us to request a live introduction to the software via a web conference call. We’d be thrilled to explain in more detail the various functions that help to accelerate your development process.


About Cevotec:

Munich-based automation specialist Cevotec offers one of the world’s most advanced production systems for complex fiber composites. At the intersection of composites, mechanical engineering and software, Cevotec develops production systems and software based on Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology: SAMBA and ARTIST STUDIO. The systems, which are particularly suited for automated fiber placement on complex 3D geometries, process carbon fibers, glass fibers, adhesive films and other technical fibers. They can be used for a broad range of applications. Such flexibility is particularly appreciated by customers from aerospace and med-tech industries, who realize cost and time savings of 20%-60% when switching from manual processes to FPP.

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