Benvingut Sergi!

Sergi López Vidal joined beginning of October our Application Development team. He recently graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He already gained some experience in the composite industry during his internship at Applus + Laboratories in Barcelona where he worked on the development of the Glide Forming manufacturing technology.

When Sergi came to Germany for an exchange program from his university, he didn’t know yet that he will stay in this country longer than one year. He wrote his master thesis at Bauhaus Luftfahrt to earn first experience in a German company. After finishing his studies, he joined Cevotec as a Composites Project Engineer. His tasks include not only designing composite parts and developing customer applications, but also the very practical application of FPP technology at our SAMBA systems in the cevoLab.

We’re happy to have such a motivated new team member on board: Welcome, Sergi!


About Cevotec

Munich-based automation specialist Cevotec offers one of the world’s most advanced production systems for complex fiber composites. At the intersection of composites, mechanical engineering and software, Cevotec develops production systems and software based on Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology: SAMBA and ARTIST STUDIO. The production systems enable the automated lay-up of carbon fiber, glass fibers, adhesive films and other technical fibers on complex 3D geometries. Manufacturers use FPP technology to produce e.g. multi-material aerostructures, composite pressure vessel reinforcements, and other high-performance components in a quality-controlled, fully automated process, which enables them to realize cost & cycle time savings of 20%-60% when switching from conventional processes to Fiber Patch Placement.

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