Cevotec and Fuji Industries join forces for Japan and Thailand

Cevotec GmbH and Fuji Industries Co., Ltd signed an exclusive representation and reseller agreement, giving Fuji the license to exclusively represent Cevotec in Japan and Thailand and offer the entire range of Cevotec products to interested customers.

“With some of the world’s largest fiber manufacturers based in Japan, this is a very important market for composites,” states Thorsten Groene, Managing Director of Cevotec. “Already in 2017, at the launch of SAMBA production system at JEC World, strong interest from Japanese manufacturers in Fiber Patch Placement technology became apparent. After deepening existing contacts and establishing new ones during a delegation trip to Japan in 2018 by our CTO Felix Michl, we decided to serve the Japanese market structurally with Fuji Industries an established partner with excellent network in aerospace and other composite-intensive industries.”

Fuji Industries identified Fiber Patch Placement technology already in 2017. “FPP technology has the potential to revolutionize composites industry,” states Makoto Nitta, Senior Managing Director at Fuji, responsible for composites products. “It immediately caught our attention.” Now, Fuji Industries and Cevotec establish an exclusive sales and marketing partnership for the Japanese and Thai market.

“We are delighted to have found such an experienced and established partner for Japan and Thailand,” confirms Felix Michl, CTO of Cevotec. Fuji Industries draws on decades-long experience in the composites market. With more than 70 years of successful history, the company is a trusted supplier for high-tech products for the Japanese industry, in particular aerospace. “We believe that Fuji Industries’ longstanding customer relationships, especially in the aviation industry, will open up new business opportunities for us.”

To sign the agreement, Junji Yamada, President of Fuji Industries Co., Ltd, accompanied by Noboru Tsuruta, Executive Strategy Adviser & Chief Business Development Officer, and Shoji Miki, Managing Director of Fuji Industries UK Ltd., came to Cevotec’s headquarter in Taufkirchen near Munich. Mr. Yamada expressed his delight in the new partnership: “We are glad to partner with a dynamic technology leader as Cevotec. Their unique Fiber Patch Placement systems are serving exactly those automation needs we can observe specifically in the Japanese composites industry,” comments Mr. Yamada.

Effective immediately, Fuji is exclusively licensed to represent Cevotec and offer all Cevotec products in Japan and Thailand. The partners also collaborate closely in customer service to provide turnkey solutions including after-sales services and support.

Fiber Patch Placement technology offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for the automated layup of high-performance composite parts. Cevotec’s SAMBA Series production cells enable the fully automated, multi-material lay-up of geometrically complex components and sandwich structures, processing up to 4 different materials. Self-corrective process control systems guarantee a highest-quality layup, fully documented. These benefits usually translate into baseline savings of 20% – 60% in production cost & time when switching from manual lay-up to Fiber Patch Placement.

Visitors at this year’s JEC World (March 3-5, 2020 in Villepinte, France) can meet Cevotec and their management team in hall 5 at booth Q80.

About Cevotec:

Munich-based automation specialist Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex composites in high volume and quality. With Fiber Patch Placement based SAMBA systems, Cevotec offers customized, fully automated fiber layup systems with integrated process control for manufacturing complex 3D geometries and multi-material laminates. ARTIST STUDIO is the technology-specific CAD-CAM software for generating patch-based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Cost and time reductions of 20-60% can be realized when switching from manual layup to Cevotec’s SAMBA systems. Manufacturers also benefit from a comprehensive service portfolio, including application-specific customizations and FE-based component development.

About Fuji Industries:

Fuji Industries has more than 70 years of experience in the business encompassing a diverse range of activities, in particular in the field of aerospace, petrochemical and other leading industries. Based in Kobe Japan as the head office since its foundation, Fuji Industries has strategic office locations such as Tokyo, Nagoya, New York, Los Angeles, London and Bangkok to best serve the key accounts in the industry. Fuji Industries provides partners the maximum support with the ultimate goal of long term and mutual business growth.

Further information: http://www.ficjp.com/en/.

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