Light-weighting aerospace sandwich-structures

Continuously striving for emissions reduction through more efficient structures, aerospace industry relies on the use of composite sandwich structures. Their excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio predestines these structures for weight-restricted applications like radomes, winglets, horizontal and vertical stabilisers, flight control surfaces, aerodynamic fairings or nacelle structures. But in producing all these components, the geometric complexity and the special multi-material mix needed pose a particular challenge as production usually requires several process steps, among them time-consuming manual work steps.

In Areospace Manufacturing Magazine, Cevotec’s composites project manager, Dr. Dimitrios Sikoutris explains, how SAMBA Multi production systems enable manufacturing of sandwich components automatically and without manual work steps in a single production unit.

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About Cevotec:

Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex fiber composites in high volume and quality – by smart process automation based on Fiber Patch Placement technology. With SAMBA Series, Cevotec offers a customizable fiber lay-up automation platform for challenging 3D geometries and multi-material laminates with complex fiber orientation. ARTIST STUDIO is the associated CAE software for generating patch-based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Along with development services that include FE-based modeling and simulation, Cevotec offers the entire process chain from digital design to final fiber product.

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