Cevotec successful at JEC World 2019 and joins Fiber Placement Center

Newest SAMBA features and stunning showpieces, demonstrating the capabilities of Fiber Patch Placement, fascinated visitors of the world’s leading composites trade show.

“JEC World 2019 show was definitely a success for Cevotec”, states Thorsten Groene, Managing Director of Cevotec. “The newest SAMBA features and the showpieces, demonstrating the advantages that Fiber Patch Placement offers in particular to the aerospace industry, rouse high interest among the visitors.”

The main eyecatcher certainly was a demonstrator section of a major component of an engine nacelle structure, made in cooperation with and for SAFRAN Nacelles, demonstrating how Fiber Patch Placement handles multi-material lay-up of an aerospace sandwich component. “These components”, explains Felix Michl, CTO of Cevotec, “in aerospace industry find their main applications in winglets, stabilizers (horizontal and vertical), flight control surfaces, radar domes, aerodynamic fairings and nacelle structures.” All of them have to be lightweight yet resilient to meet the industry’s continuous strive for emissions reduction and greener aircrafts, supported by more efficient structures. In the production of such components, the geometric complexity and the multi-material mix pose a particular challenge. Production usually requires several process steps and time-consuming manual work steps. With SAMBA Multi, Cevotec offers a production system that automates the material lay-up of sandwich components in a single production system. SAMBA Multi systems feature parallel feeding units for different materials to be processed and placed precisely on 3D sandwich cores or lay-up molds. An optional linear axis and adaptive gripper sizes allow for the lay-up of also larger components.

Cevotec also officially joined the Fiber Placement Center (FPC) at JEC, which celebrated its first anniversary during the show. Driven by Fraunhofer IGCV and SGL Carbon, the FPC collaborates with industry partners to develop innovative automated fiber placement solutions for customers. Supported by the Fraunhofer IGCV, Cevotec will install a SAMBA Pro Prepreg system in the FPC headquarter in Meitingen/Germany by mid-2020. Thorsten Groene explains: “We are looking forward to developing our technology and creating new applications together with our partners of the FPC. Cevotec constantly pushes the application boundaries of Fiber Patch Placement to exceed industry’s requirements for accurate fiber placement on complex shapes.”


About Cevotec:

Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex fiber composites in high volume and quality – by smart process automation based on Fiber Patch Placement technology. With SAMBA Series, Cevotec offers a customizable fiber lay-up automation platform for challenging 3D geometries and multi-material laminates with complex fiber orientation. ARTIST STUDIO is the associated CAE software for generating patch-based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Along with development services that include FE-based modeling and simulation, Cevotec offers the entire process chain from digital design to final fiber product.


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